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Our ER Team

The emergency service at VSH accepts emergency cases 24 hours a day, every day.

VSH Hong Kong is structured differently from other veterinary practices in Hong Kong.  You may already know that we do not offer family practice services, and that we require referral from your regular vet to schedule a consultation with a specialist.  Our specialists are residency-trained and board-certified, and practice only the specialized medicine for which they are expertly trained.

We are the only veterinary hospital in Hong Kong with board certified veterinary specialists who are on-call for emergency procedures.  However, when you come to VSH with an emergency, you should expect to first be seen by our talent team of emergency veterinarians and nurses. 

Emergency Veterinarians are here to be our first line for patient evaluation, stabilization, and treatment prior to transfer to a VSH specialist, or to your family veterinarian.

Who’s on Our ER Team?

Dr. Andy Chiu

Veterinary Hospitalist

Dr. Andy understands that the people of Hong Kong are extremely devoted to their pets. During his time completing two formal, rigorous internships with VSH Hong Kong, Dr. Andy became an important part of our family and currently serves as Hospitalist for VSH. 

Dr. Andy knows that anxiety at the vet’s office causes many owners to avoid bringing their pets to the vet altogether, allowing preventable or manageable diseases to go undiagnosed and untreated.  The critically ill and hospitalized patients at VSH are even more complicated, as the stress of their illness affects both the pet and the families who love them.  His goal at VSH Hong Kong is to communicate with and comfort clients, educating them about their pet’s illness and setting expectations for treatment and outcome.

Dr. Andy is a very detailed and efficient team player. He understands that a successful veterinary relationship revolves around communication with staff, colleagues, and clients. He is an effective communicator and listener in both English and Mandarin.  Dr. Andy’s motto is this: “If our clients do not feel that they are being listened to and communicated with, we will never be able to achieve the best results for their pets.”

Dr. Florence Ho

Specialty Veterinary Intern: Surgery

Dr. Florence was inspired to join VSH as a rotating intern after attending our first annual educational symposium in 2016, noting VSH’s dedication to serving the veterinary community as a primary referral practice.  VSH’s mission of medical excellence is aligned with her aspiration to provide the best quality care to every patient.

After graduation from the University of Melbourne in 2014, Dr. Florence immersed herself in Hong Kong shelter and family practice where she developed essential skills in surgery and medicine.  Seeing approximately 100 consultations and performing up to 10 surgeries a week, she quickly became confident in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. The challenges in welfare case management helped her learn how to deal with difficult circumstances and make tough decisions for every pet.

Effective communication and compassion are the cornerstone of Dr. Florence’s practice and are the reason she was selected for not only a rotating internship at VSH, but kept on as a specialty intern in surgery as well.  Surgery and emergency medicine are her particular areas of interest.  Dr. Florence is closely mentored by Dr. Alane in surgery, as well as the other VSH specialists in their respective disciplines.

Dr. Francis Kai Chun Wong

Rotating Veterinary Intern

Following graduation from the University of Sydney in 2017, Dr. Francis was selected as a rotating intern in small animal medicine and surgery at VSH Hong Kong. His ultimate goal is to pursue a residency and become a specialist in small animal surgery. 

Formal internships are designed to prepare veterinarians for high-quality service in practice or advanced specialty training through mentorship by experienced specialists.  Internships involve rigorous work and attention to detail.  The decision to pursue genuine internship training at VSH is not taken lightly, and Dr. Francis has continually demonstrated his ability to absorb and retain advanced medical knowledge.  VSH staff and clients also appreciate Dr. Francis for his sense of caring toward hospitalized patients.

Dr. Heidi Hong

ER Veterinarian

Dr. Heidi graduated from Massey University, New Zealand with Bachelor of Veterinary Science in December 2013.  Since then, she has worked at several other clinics as a family and emergency vet, gaining high quality clinical experience. Dr. Heidi has a strong interest in small animal medicine and is enthusiastic about abdominal ultrasound.  She also holds a Pennhip registration with Antech Imaging Services.

Besides working as an emergency veterinarian at VSH Hong Kong, Dr. Heidi volunteers for an organization named i-Future which aims to teach English to underprivileged kids in a relaxed and fun environment.  We are happy to have Dr. Heidi continue her professional journey at VSH Hong Kong, working alongside our specialists and nurses.

Dr. Ruby Cheng

ER Veterinarian

As an internship-trained emergency veterinarian, Dr. Ruby is excited to provide the highest quality of veterinary care to the Hong Kong community. Prior to VSH, Dr. Ruby was employed as an emergency veterinarian at the Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital, one of the hospitals in the Ethos Veterinary Health network, managing challenging cases in a fast-paced environment while working alongside board-certified specialists to consistently optimize and improve patient outcome. Through her veterinary education and training, she gained valuable experiences in managing a multitude of cases and developing a strong work ethic with a positive attitude.

Dr. Ruby was born and raised in Hong Kong, but studied and worked in the United States for fifteen years.  In addition to her experience in emergency care, she has an enthusiasm for continuous learning in all aspects of veterinary medicine with special interests in surgery and clinical pathology.  We are so fortunate to have Dr. Ruby on the VSH Team, providing high quality and compassionate veterinary care.

Dr. Yung Yung Chan

ER Veterinarian

Since graduating from The Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine in 2017, Dr. Yung Yung has been working as an emergency vet at VSH Hong Kong.

Dr. Yung Yung has a strong professional interest in emergency and critical care.  A highly motivated person, she has worked closely with our emergency nursing team taking care of the hospitalized critical patients, which have been through surgeries, chemotherapy, and intensive medical work-ups in the daytime.  Dr. Yung Yung handles a diverse range of emergency cases including car accidents, snake bites, GDV, pyometra, and head trauma.

Dr. Yung Yung’s dedication to the veterinary field has intensified and she has never stopped learning after her schooling. She has completed over 50 continuing veterinary education hours in the past year, including completion of CPR Basic and Advanced life support certificates.  Dr. Yung Yung loves her work in emergency care and is dedicated to delivering the highest possible quality care to her patients.


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