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Press Release, February 2015

Veterinary Specialist Hospital of Hong Kong (VSH Hong Kong) officially opened its doors in early 2015, marking a first for Hong Kong’s veterinary community. Located in bustling Wanchai and spanning two floors, this 14,000sq ft state-of- the - art veterinary facility is a dedicated specialty referral and 24 hour Emergency Hospital.

Press Release, February 2015

The concept is the result of collaboration between Dr Alane Cahalane, a board-certified Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, Andy Cahalane, an MBA and entrepreneur, and Dr Keith Richter, CEO and Founder of VSH San Diego. VSH San Diego has been a leader in specialty veterinary care since 1990, fulfilling the need for specialty healthcare and emergency services for dogs and cats in the San Diego County and South California

VSH Hong Kong is the result of leveraging the strength in building a high quality facility under the guidance of Dr. Cahalane's clinical skills and intimate knowledge of Hong Kong.

Led by Dr. Cahalane VSH Hong Kong will lead the way for specialised, referral medicine in Asia, by being the first to work with primary care veterinarians on a referral-only basis to provide expert treatment for complex medical problems. According to Dr. Cahalane, "Pets in Hong Kong are treasured family members, and Hong Kongers want the very best for their families. VSH Hong Kong will offer a new tier of medical care, complementing the exceptional general practice community that already exists here. It is our expectation that the level of care we will provide pets in Hong Kong will rival the care provided by advanced human hospitals." VSH Hong Kong will offer the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic treatments available.

About Veterinary Specialty Hospital Hong Kong

Founded in 2015 Veterinary Specialty Hospital Hong Kong offers Specialty Referral & Emergency Care Only - No General Practice Services.

Conveniently located in Wan Chai, the 14,000 sq ft facility will be home to board certified specialists or residency-trained practitioners in a range of veterinary disciplines. A collaboration with VSH San Diego, the hospital will only accept patients who are referred by a primary veterinarian and will not engage in general practice or wellness care.


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Hong Kong Island

VSH Hong Kong
G/F - 2/F
165-171 Wan Chai Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong


EMERGENCY TEL: +852 2408 2588


VSH Kowloon
G/F - 1/F
7 Liberty Avenue
Ho Man Tin, Kowloon


EMERGENCY TEL: +852 2408 2588