Anaesthetic services and Pain Clinic

Anaesethetic services are available on request, or if specially recommended, for at-risk patients within VSH.

Anaesethetic services with Dr. Kieren are available on request, or if specially recommended, for at-risk patients within VSH.  Dr. Kieren also provides mobile anaesthetic services for patients of our referring veterinarian community.

When we care for your pet during an anaesthetic we start with a thorough pre anaesthetic assessment to help us identify and plan to manage any risks. We ensure that your pet is physically stable and in the best possible condition before proceeding.

During the anaesthetic your pet will have a dedicated, highly skilled veterinarian to manage their care from start to recovery. This happens in much the same way as for a human patient undergoing anaesthesia.

A high level of care is especially beneficial and often essential for animals undergoing a complicated procedure, for animals that may be unwell or have had difficult anaesthetics previously.

We stay with your pet until they are fully recovered from the effects of the anaesthetic and are always available for advice should any unexpected problems occur following recovery.


Pain clinic

Veterinary anaesthesiologists are able to provide an excellent level of analgesia (pain relief) for your pet both during a surgery and in the recovery phase.

We can also advise on the treatment of chronic pain: conditions such as osteoarthritis or joint disease and the pain associated with some forms of cancer. We can comprehensively assess your pet and tailor a plan to suit their specific needs.

Our approach is a balanced one, utilising traditional veterinary medicine, acupuncture, physiotherapy and lifestyle adjustment. Our focus is on maximising of quality of life.




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Getting There

Below are some of the bus routes that have stops close by to VSH:

  • New World Bus:  15, 23, 66, 101
  • City Bus:  1, 5X, 6, 10, 75, 101, 111, 115, 182, 789

MTR : VSH is just 5 minutes walk from WAN CHAI MTR EXIT A3. When you walk out of exit A3, cross the pedestrian crossing then turn left. Walk along Johnston Road until you reach Wan Chai Road. Continue along Wan Chai Road until you reach Lucky Centre. We are right next to it.