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Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Hong Kong (VSH Hong Kong) was formed to introduce specialty referral medicine to Hong Kong's veterinary community. The philosophy of VSH Hong Kong is based on a model of referral practice in North America, where specialty and emergency centers serve as an essential resource for local practitioners and pet owners who require or request specialized or emergency care for complex medical problems in companion animals. By utilizing the same referral-only system as our sister hospital in the USA (VSH San Diego), VSH Hong Kong aims to act as a collaborative partner and colleague to the local community of veterinary practitioners in Hong Kong. We want to be an extension of your practice. Importantly, the specialists at VSH Hong Kong will only accept patients who are referred by their regular veterinarian. Walk-ins and second opinions will not be accepted without direct referral.

VSH Hong Kong will bring specialists in a range of veterinary disciplines to Hong Kong, including board certified or residency trained practitioners in small animal surgery, internal medicine, oncology, and ophthalmology.

Our Pledge

To the veterinary community in Hong Kong, we pledge:


We recognize that many patients have had extensive diagnostic work-ups prior to referral. Our specialists will aim to complement your work-up, keeping you closely informed as changes develop. General practice services such as wellness visits, dental scalings and vaccinations will not be offered at VSH Hong Kong. Patients will always be referred back to you, the primary care veterinarian, for all aspects of their care other than the issue for which they were referred.


With VSH Hong Kong, your patient's medical information will be made easily accessible to you. Our specialists and emergency clinicians will provide detailed summaries and updated information, in a timely fashion. Communication with pet owners will be open, honest, detailed and timely. We will make every effort to be available by phone or e-mail, to discuss your patient's status.


VSH Hong Kong will create a warm, welcoming, compassionate environment for clients and their pets. Compassion is an integral part of veterinary medicine, and we will treat each and every one of our patients as if they were our own pet.


The specialists at VSH Hong Kong will provide support for local veterinarians, being available for telephone and email consultations at no cost to discuss any aspects of your own in-house or referred cases.

Continuing Education

VSH Hong Kong's specialists will contribute to continuing veterinary education in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific through providing regular seminars, lectures and newsletters.


Veterinary specialty care should be uniquely customized to the specific needs of the general practitioner. We are here to complement your practice, providing a wide and comprehensive range of specialized care as you request it.

Client experience

We recognize the anxiety your clients feel when seeking specialized veterinary care. We will make it a priority to create an outsanding experience by creating a relaxed environment for them and their pets, listening to their concerns, and making wait times as short as possible. Our goal is to make sure your clients see our service as an extension of your own. We want you to be glad you referred a case to us and have your clients thank YOU.

Cutting-edge equipment and expert medicine

VSH Hong Kong is recruiting experts in a variety of veterinary specialties. Our specialty hospital and 24-hour emergency hospital will be Hong Kong's only veterinary specialty referral facility, with a wide selection of state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Constant care

24-hour emergency and intensive care, 365 days a year. Our dedicated team of highly trained emergency clinicians and nurses will serve as an extension of your services to clients, providing day and nighttime emergency care, as well as overnight intensive care when your hospital is closed. You and your clients will have peace of mind that their pets are in the best hands, even when you are not available. It will be your decision when stabilized patients will be sent back to you for ongoing care, either when your hospital opens the next day or when you feel it is appropriate. This includes patients transferred from your clinic for overnight care as well as your regular patients that present on an emergency basis.

We look forward to serving the Hong Kong veterinary community and building close, collaborative relationships with all practitioners on a long-term basis. To serve your needs to the best of our ability, we welcome any valuable advice and professional suggestions to optimize the scope and quality of services provided at VSH Hong Kong.

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